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2019 Weight In Day Announcement

posted on Thursday, August 29, 2019

Weigh in day - all cards should be pre-printed, cut and ready to go prior to walking into weigh in. Cards should be printed on card stock so they last throughout the season. Please make sure that the spelling of the name matches what is on the birth certificate as well as the DOB. In the event that the information is wrong it is up to each club to have someone at weigh in to get the card fixed and reprinted. Weigh in day is tentatively August 10 at the given locations.

Weigh In Card Template


2019 Coach Cards

posted on Thursday, August 29, 2019

Coaches cards - all coaches are required to have a back ground check and have a certificate for the concussion course. These cards should be printed, cut and brought to Rules and Interp August 24. Please make sure you bring printed certificates for each coach to show that the concussion course has been completed. Due to the issues we had last year this will eliminate any question as to whether or not the course has been completed. Every coach, assistant coach, and play monitor (anyone on the side line) should have a card around their neck if they are on the field. All cheerleading coaches should also have a coaches card around their neck at all games. If coaches do not have the cards for the games they will be asked to leave the field and will not be able to coach. No exceptions!!!

Coach Card Template



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